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Get your team together and GoRace

GoRace is specifically designed to provide a family-based event that everyone (yes everyone) in the family can enjoy. So when you are organizing your team, there’s no need to worry because there is room for everyone in the family to participate!

Check out the below overview to get your team ready to race:

  • Minimum team size of 2 (1 adult 1 child)
  • Maximum team size of 6 (2 adults 4 children)
  • Each team must have 1 adult
  • Each team must provide their own smartphone device
  • Each team must download the GO TEAM APP on their device

Event Pricing – What does it cost?

Thanks to our sponsors and community partners, GoRace Event Pricing to register your team is kept to an absolute minimum. It’s our goal to make GoRace affordable and accessible for everyone in the community and where possible we ask our “racers” to support our sponsors and partners in return.

Team Registration Cost: $50.00

• Includes up to 6 team members and 1 Device
• Each team must include a minimum of 1 Adult

Additional Team Members: $10.00pp

• An additional team members can be registered
• Maximum of 2 Adults per team and 1 Device

What are people saying about GoRace

“Amazing fun for EVERYBODY in the family! The Go Race APP was so easy to use and the challenges were such great fun. Highly recommend for a great family bonding experience. The kids just loved it.”

Janet Renolds

“We have done similar race events in the past but Go Race is hands down the best one yet. The technology element was fantastic and added a whole new element. Can’t wait for next year!”

Sara Howet

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure you are ready to GoRace? That’s ok, check out our list of FAQ’s and the subsequent informaiton below so that you are “in the know” come race day! As always if you have a specific query please dont hesitate to contact one of our team via the contact page!

What do I need to know about registering a team? Registering a team is as easy as playing the game – trust us on this one! Teams can have a minimum of 2 team members (1 Adult and 1 Child) and a maximum of 6 team members (Maximum of 2 Adults per team). Each team must have a minimum of 1 Adult and Children must be between the ages of 4-16 years of age. Pricing starts from $50.00 per team and includes up to 6 team members. For every additional team member a registration fee of $10 per person is charged. 

How does the race work and what do we bring? 

GoRace utilises the latest GPS technology and is powered through a Smartphone APP. Teams will have 60 minutes to complete as many challenges as possible and earn as many points as possible. All answers (photos/videos/multi-choice/text etc) are sent through the APP to the game controller for marking.

Each team will need a fully charged Smart Phone device with a minimum of 250mb data and up to 1gb of memory available to complete the race. 

Explain the challenges and how we earn points? 

With over 30 challenges across 3 catergories, you can complete as many (or as few) as you like, and in any order! Each challenge is GPS activated meaning you cannot complete or access it until you step into the GPS Radius:

Go Active: Physical based challenges 250pts 

Go Create: Creative themed challenges 250pts

Go Think: Problem solving challenges 250pts


Is it suitable for all ability levels in the family? 

GoRace is an all inclusive family based event. Don’t get us wrong if you want to run from checkpoint to checkpoint you most definitely can (you’ll probably need to be fit to do it) but the key here is that you don’t have to. You have the choice to walk, and you even choose which checkpoints and what order you complete them in. The entire race course is no bigger than a 2km radius. 

What is the event format on the day?

Great question – while times may differ across events and locations, all our races do follow the same format: 

0 – 45 minutes: Pre Race Registration & Check in 

45 – 60 minutes: Pre Race Briefing & Spot Prizes

60 – 120 minutes: GoRace – let’s race!

120 – 150 minutes: Prize Giving and Wrap Up 


What happens if it rains?

Normally when it rains you get wet – but if you bring a jacket it helps prevent a damper on your fun! GoRace events will only be postponed in the event of Council Ground Closures or extreme weather conditions. If the forecast is for rain you can expect regular updates through our social media accounts and via email to those who have registered for the race!

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