About GoRace

Creating experiences that bring families together! 

Go Race

GoRace combines the latest in GPS enabled APP based technology with gamified experiential learning activities to provide an engaging and unique family scavenger hunt / amazing race style event experience!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the development of positive inter-personal relationships, and create lasting memories for families through a world class gamified experiential learning experience.

Our Values

The drive behind our purpose and the principals with which we operate by as a Team. Our Values are what make our team tick each and every day – for our participants! So what are our values: Family First, Play with Integrity, Everyones a Winner, Keep it Real, Community is Key!

Experiential Learning

GoRace experiential learning activities are designed for maximum engagement and fun while also incorporating underlying messages based around Communication, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Communication.

GoRace it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1


Head to the Google Play or Apple APP Store and download the GO TEAM APP by Catalyst Global in order to get ready to GO RACE! We suggest you do this as soon as you register.

Step 2


Upon completing registration on the day of your chosen GoRace event, you will be provided with a join code to access the race map and checkpoint challenges. 

Step 3


Now you are ready to GoRace! Simply select which GPS enabled challenges you think you can complete from Go Active, Go Create, and Go Think to earn as many points as possible!

Go Active

Look out for the Green GO ACTIVE Checkpoints for physical based challenges!

Go Create

Unleash your teams creative side by finding the Blue GO CREATE checkpoints.

Go Think

Think outside the box to pick up maximum points at the Red GO THINK Checkpoints.

The ultimate objective in GoRace is to complete as many challenges as possible in the time frame available. With over 30 challenges on offer there is too much to do in not enough time forcing teams to balance risk with reward when it comes to maximizing their time and the points on offer!

Get your team together and GoRace

GoRace is specifically designed to provide a family-based event that everyone (yes everyone) in the family can enjoy. So when you are organizing your team, there’s no need to worry because there is room for everyone in the family to participate!

Check out the below overview to get your team ready to race:

  • Minimum team size of 2 (1 adult 1 child)
  • Maximum team size of 6 (2 adults 4 children)
  • Each team must have 1 adult
  • Each team must provide their own smartphone device
  • Each team must download the GO TEAM APP on their device

Event Pricing – What does it cost?

Thanks to our sponsors and community partners, GoRace Event Pricing to register your team is kept to an absolute minimum. It’s our goal to make GoRace affordable and accessible for everyone in the community and where possible we ask our “racers” to support our sponsors and partners in return.

Team Registration Cost: $50.00

• Includes up to 6 team members and 1 Device
• Each team must include a minimum of 1 Adult

Additional Team Members: $10.00pp

• An additional team members can be registered
• Maximum of 2 Adults per team and 1 Device

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